Homework – Past Several Weeks

August 28th: Had a baby!!!
September & October: Recovered, Rested, Went for a lot of long stroller walks, Tried to find time to use elliptical, a lot of swaying and bouncing of baby (10 lb bicep curls).
Next: Resume 2 x week personal training sessions and fitting in extra workouts whenever possible.
Future weekly homework posts to follow…


Just wondering where everyones homework is? Remember if your not posting we will find out and you will not be happy about it :P

Week of 7/29-8/4

Tuesday 7/31- Session with TJ 40 min

Wednesday 8/1- Zumba 50 min

Thursday 8/2- Session with Andy 40 min

Friday 8/3- 25 min on elliptical, squats, lunges